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Payment Options

Given the nature of the products we sell and due to the increasingly strict guidelines set in place by payment processors (PayPal, etc.) as to what types of products their merchants are allowed to sell, we are currently only accepting order payments via money order, cashier's check, and cash.

After submitting your order online, we will provide you with exact instructions on how to make your payment and complete your order.

More on why we do not accept Credit Cards, Paypal, or Similar Services...

Money Order / Cashier's Check

Paying for your order by money order and cashier's check is our most preferred payment option.

If you desire privacy or simplicity, cash is always a convenient payment option. We accept a wide variety of currencies, so placing your order from most major countries throughout North America, Europe, and Asia is not a problem.

When choosing our cash payment option, we simply recommend sending cash payments via certified and/or insured mail or some other form of shipping which will allow you to receive a confirmation that your payment has been delivered.
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