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Types of Fake Degrees & Majors Available

Associate of Arts
AA in Accounting
AA in Business Administration
AA in Business Administration IT
AA in Business Management
AA in Communication
AA in Early Childhood Education
AA in Education
AA in Elementary Education
AA in Fine Arts
AA in Liberal Arts
AA in Liberal Studies
AA in Management
AA in Marketing
AA in Physical Therapy
AA in Political Science
AA in Psychology

Associate of Science
AS in Accounting
AS in Auto Designs
AS in Biology
AS in Business
AS in Computer Engineering
AS in Computer Science
AS in Criminal Justice
AS in Dentistry
AS in Drafting
AS in Electrical Engineering
AS in English – Literature
AS in Horticulture
AS in Hospitality Management
AS in Management
AS in Mechanical Engineering
AS in Office Administration

Bachelor of Arts
BA in Aerospace Engineering
BA in Architecture
BA in Business
BA in Business Administration
BA in Communications
BA in Communications - Mass Media
BA in Criminal Justice
BA in Economics
BA in Education
BA in English
BA in General Studies
BA in History
BA in Human Resource Management
BA in Interior Design
BA in Liberal Arts
BA in Liberal Studies
BA in Management
BA in Marketing
BA in Mass Communications
BA in Math
BA in Music
BA in Philosophy
BA in Political Science
BA in Psychology
BA in Physics
BA in Religions Studies
BA in Sacred Music
BA in Sociology
BA in Speech Communications
BA in Video & Film Production

Bachelor of Business Administration
BBA (no major needed)
BBA in Accounting
BBA in Business
BBA in Business Management
BBA in Communication
BBA in Finance
BBA in Information Technology
BBA in International Business
BBA in Management
BBA in Marketing
BBA in Psychology

Bachelor in Education
BE in Elementary Education

Bachelor of Fine Arts
BFA in Graphic Arts
BFA in Interior Decorating

Bachelor of Music
BM in Music Engineering

Bachelor of Science
BS in Accounting
BS in Aerospace Engineering
BS in Architecture
BS in Biology
BS in Biology and Chemistry
BS in Business
BS in Business Administration
BS in Business Management
BS in Chemical Engineering
BS in Chemistry
BS in Communications - Mass Media
BS in Computer Engineering
BS in Computer Science
BS in Criminal Justice
BS in Criminal Justice Administration
BS in E-Commerce
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Education
BS in Elementary Education
BS in Exercise Science
Bachelor of Science (cont.)
BS in Finance
BS in History
BS in Hospitality Management
BS in Information Technology
BS in International Business
BS in Marketing
BS in Mass Communication
BS in Mathematics
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Military Science
BS in Occupational Therapy
BS in Philosophy
BS in Physical Education
BS in Physics
BS in Police Administration
BS in Political Science
BS in Psychology
BS in Public Administration
BS in Speech Communication
BS in Social Work
BS in Telecommunications

Master of Arts
MA in Architecture
MA in Education
MA in Liberal Arts
MA in Philosophy
MA in Physics
MA in Sacred Music
MA in Sociology
MA in Theology
Master of Business Administration
MBA (no major)
MBA in E-Business
MBA in Economics
MBA in Finance
MBA in Management
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Strategic Management

Master of Elementary Education

Master of Engineering
ME in Chemical Engineering

Master of Public Health

Master of Science
MS in Accounting
MS in Aerospace Engineering
MS in Architecture
MS in Biology
MS in Computer Information Systems
MS in Computer Science
MS in Computing Technology in Education
MS in Construction Management
MS in Criminal Justice
MS in Educational Administration
MS in Electrical Engineering
MS in Mass Communication
MS in Management
MS in Mechanical Engineering
MS in Medical Science
MS in Philosophy
MS in Physics
MS in Social Work
MS in Sociology
MS in Technology Management
MS in Telecommunications
MS in Theology

Master of Social Work and Psychology

Doctor of Philosophy
PhD in Accounting
PhD in Adult Education
PhD in Art Education
PhD in Architecture
PhD in Biology
PhD in Business Administration
PhD in Chemistry
PhD in Computer Information Systems
PhD in Computer Science
PhD in Counseling Psychology
PhD in Education
PhD in English
PhD in Ethnic Studies
PhD in Human Development and Social Policy
PhD in Mass Communication
PhD in Management
PhD in Music
PhD in Philosophy
PhD in Physics
PhD in Public Administration
PhD in Social Work
PhD in Theology


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